The VIP Website Design Intensive

Full website design created to level-up your online presence. All done in a day.

You needed a custom website for your brand like... yesterday.

Fellow entrepreneur, are you fed up with...

This is where I swoop in to save your business's website.

As a fellow small business owner, I know the importance of being on brand in your business. Your brand isn’t cookie cutter. It’s unique, awesome, and the world should know of its greatness.
To effectively promote your expertise, you need a website designed by an expert who understands your business and mission.
And it’s not too late to get a site launched your business. In fact, you can get it done much faster than you think. Say hello to The VIP Website Design Intensiveyour new business bestie.

The Solution: The VIP Website Design Intensive. We work together for one day to plan, plot and launch a custom website or brand strategy for your awesome business.

The VIP Design Intensive is for you if...

Your VIP Day Options

Web Design

This option is perfect for both new business owners who are ready to invest in their brand or existing business owners who need their website over-hauled. 

The VIP Website Design Intensive Includes...

Amazing! So talented, responsive, responsible. Just can't say enough good things about Brittany!
Rachel Varn of Pedal Power Kids w/ Family
Rachel Varn
CEO of PedalPower Kids

The Intensive Process

1 Book Your Intensive –  Lockdown your Intensive date! On the day of your Intensive, you’ll need to be available for 6-8 hours of your day. We’ll figure out the best Intensive kick-off time for you in the next step.

2 Pre-Intensive Check-in – During this 60-90 minute Zoom call, we’ll talk strategy when it comes to your brand and the line items that we’ll need to complete on your Intensive Day. I will also give you an overview of your project portal space and VIP Intensive Breakdown Guide.

3 Intensive Day – Let’s get to work. On your Intensive Day, we’ll communicate via the project portal on all line items which will be completed in the order that we worked out in our Check-in call. I’ll deliver the items to you via the portal where you’ll provide any feedback for revisions needed.

4 Intensive Finish LineSit back and relax my friend because it’s time for me to do the rest. I’ll work through the final revisions on your items and send over your deliverables on the day of your Intensive or on the due date that we’ve specified if it’s for a web design project!

Your VIP Day Options

Web Design

This option is perfect for both new business owners who are ready to invest in their brand or existing business owners who need their website over-hauled. 

VIP Design Intensive Questions and Answers

Yes and no. Your time commitment is only the day of your scheduled intensive day. From there, your website will be completed by me in 2-4 days, depending on the complexity of your website page needs.
When you book your intensive over a complimentary consult call, you pay either 50% of the project fee or all upfront. Both options allow you to lock down your Intensive Day.
Yes! Your Intensive payment is good for 4 months after booking. If you need to reschedule your day, I ask that you give me at least 15 days notice. If you cross that 15 day notice threshold, you’ll have to pay a rescheduling fee of $97 to lock down another Intensive day.
If you go with the Web Design Intensive, you will need to pay for your domain registrar fee and website hosting. You domain is just $12 a year with Google Domains and website hosting is just $15 a month on Flywheel Managed WordPress Hosting. If you decide that you need ongoing website support, you can explore your options here.
After your Intensive Day, you’ll receive 30 days of email support. For ongoing web design support, you can check out your options here. If you are in need of another graphic design project, book a design consult here.

Have questions before getting started?

Unsure if this is the right option for you? Let’s chat. Book your complimentary design consult today to go over all design options available to you.

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