5 Cool Ways to Make Money on Your Website

People are finding TONS of ways to make money online. 2020 is going to be another year of big entrepreneurship growth and making money online will most likely be a huge part of a solopreneur’s journey.

There are a bunch of ways to REALLY put your current website to work by making it a bit of a hub to make you some money on the side or even full-time if you’re ready to go all in! Want to learn the ways? Below I lay out 5 cool ways to make money with your website. Let’s get after it!

It’s 2020 #smallbizsquad. Let’s get this money.

Monetizing Blog Content

Are you currently blogging and want to seriously 1-UP this part of your website? Making money from blogging can be a slow grind but if you are consistent with this, you can eventually make it a part-time or full-time gig.

To do this RIGHT, you’ll want discover a niche for your target audience. If there’s a topic that you absolutely love, are knowledgeable in, and enjoy sharing that knowledge with others, start here. From there you can start to niche down – figuring out what audience blog will truly cater to.

This video by Allison Lindstrom is also a great starting point to really hone in on your niche. It may already be on this list or can help you generate ideas on picking the right one. Take time with this part; you’ll want to make sure that the content you create will be FUN for you to create!

Here comes the money part. Below are a couple of straight-forward ways that your blog can generate money. You’ll want to do research on each one of these when figuring out the best way for you to monetize your blog:

  • Affiliate Marketing: If there is a product or service that you absolutely LOVE, they most likely have an affiliate program that you can sign-up for. Through your posts, you can recommend your favorites through tracking links that they provide to you. Just make sure that what you are recommending in your post is actually relevant to… the post. You can get started finding affiliate marketing programs through Commision Junction and ShareASale. For some of your favorite products and services, they may have an affiliate program setup directly through their website. You’ll most likely find this link the footer menu of their website and sometimes in the main navigation section.
  • Displaying Ads: Another way to monetize your blog is through displaying ads. Two great services for this are Google AdSense and media.net. This is an option if you are totally cool with having ads displayed on your website.

Creating a Paid Membership Platform

Creating a paid membership section on your website is a great way to generate some extra income. If you have enough content banked up, you can restructure it and use it to create an online course or workshop. This can then be setup as paid content through a membership platform right on your website. You can also sell more premium content through this method; content from any type of medium that your website visitors can take major action on straight away with proven results should be sold here.

You can expand on this paid membership option by adding in cool members-only sections: forums for engagement and a supportive community are very valuable additions to this method.

Selling Digital Products

This option is super cool for digital artists or writers who have been thinking of creating an ebook. What can you create through your expertise that could become a digital product? Figure out the best way for you to help others digitally then create something that can be accessed quick, fast and in a hurry right from your website. Here’s a list of ideas:

  • Ebooks
  • Online Course (as a one-off purchase)
  • WordPress Templates
  • WordPress Plugins
  • Digital Artwork (patterns, fonts, printables, photography, etc.)

Offering Online Services

Is there something that you are a super expert of? This is where you can take your expertise online to help others. Providing an online service is a great way to make money through your website.

Prime example: I design websites for a living. This website is where I display the core information that (primarily) small business owners can access to learn about the services that I provide. I’m an expert in this work so this where I share this online service that can be directly inquired about through my website. Service information, the background of why I got into this work, and the various ways of getting into contact with me are all on this website. All of this allows me to get paying clients right online.

Whether you want to sell design services like me, provide online coaching or consulting, or even accounting or legal services, creating a service-based business online can be a profitable thing. This can be done right through your website.

Selling Physical Products Online

Let’s get into some serious ECommerce – selling physical products online.

Though this method can get pretty involved, it can be both profitable and fun! People are always online searching for products that can directly solve a problem for them. Whether is’t something that you create or have to purchase to sell, having an online shop can be setup as a bit of a project for you; see where it take you!

This can done a number of ways: by creating an online t-shirt shop, through dropshipping, or by selling handmade products; most things that can be sold in physical stores can be sold online.

Ready to make some money online? See which option from this post would be best for you and give it a try; I definitely only scrtatched the surface of this topic through this post; there are a TON of ways to make money online; this post should kick off some ideas for you to get started.

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