Yes, your small business needs a website. And here are 5 reasons why.

Let’s just jump right into it with this one. Yes, your small business needs a website. And I’m going to break it down with just 5 big reasons why you should have had one online like yesterday.

So you’ve started your small business. You’ve had a few sales through your social media accounts and even gained a few long term clients. This is awesome. But I know what you’re thinking, “I’m getting business just fine with my Instagram and Linktree bio link. Why should I invest in getting a website built at all?”

Simply because of the following….

Grandpa Simpson has a website just for him to rage about things. Yeah… you need a website for your small business.

1. Your small business will show up in Google searches

Attracting new customers online can only be done right by having a website.

You see, people are more inclined to head to Google first to search for solutions to their problems. Not Instagram or Facebook. It’s important that your business shows up in their browser searches so that you get noticed online.

2. You can share all of the ways that you can be contacted

Having a website is an awesome way to display your most up-to-date contact information for potential customers to find. Your business number, address, social media links + a direct contact form can all be on your website for easy access.

This information can be housed in both your website’s footer and contact page. Having your important business contact information in two places of your site makes it even easier for website visitors to reach out to you to inquire about your services and/or products.

3. Your website will save you time

This is a huge one folks. Time is a pretty valuable resource to have when running a small business.

In the beginning, getting a website created and launched can seem like a huge task; and it can be depending on your business model. But after it’s completed, having a website that works FOR your business is a very liberating thing.

In the background, your website can handle the following and more:

  • Answer Frequently Asked Questions about your products/services
  • Automate purchases (eCommerce)
  • Allows visitors to book appointments with you based on your schedule

4. You can keep your business’s information easily updated

Your website makes it easy for you to keep your most important business info updated regularly.

Modern websites allow users to make changes on the fly; this comes in handy when you change service pricing, add to your services or products, or when creating content related to your business.

5. It’s always online when social media isn’t

Your business should be dependent on social media, here’s why.

Trends, algorithms and even the platforms that people prefer to use with social media change constantly, so you can’t rely on social media to keep people informed of your business. And if Instagram goes down one day, your website is online to keep your audience engaged with your brand.

Having BOTH an updated website along with a consistent social media strategy = success.

Need the right tools to build your dream website?

Head over to the library of resources DIY design tools. It has everything you need for a fun and successful website project.

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