6 Reasons Why a WordPress Website is Perfect for Your Small Business

As a savvy entrepreneur, you’ve done some research on what platform you should use for your small business website. And this resulted in… way TOO many options to choose from! From Squarespace to Wix, you’ve run into all the blog posts, YouTube videos, and social media posts that have told you too many things. So, now you’re stuck with how to get your small business website started… and time is being wasted.

I can relate to this struggle as an entrepreneur who used to give in to shiny object syndrome when it came down to finding my go-to online business tools. Luckily, knowing what website platform to stick was a no-brainer for me. WordPress has been bae for me since the beginning. For both my clients and my own website WordPress has been the go-to option for us. There are a TON of reasons why this is the case but I know that you’re a busy bee. So I’ll just lay out 6 reasons why you should go with a WordPress-based website for your small business.

You can make ANY type of website with WordPress

WordPress is king when it comes to building any type of website. From blogs to coaching/consulting businesses to building an online store for your hot new apparel brand, WordPress handles these website types (and even MORE) with ease. Because this platform allows you to scale up your website with various plugins and integrations and endless development options, you can have your website built custom to meet your business’s needs.

It’s easy to use (my clients say the same thing!)

Don’t let others steer you wrong. WordPress is easier to understand than you think.

Yes, because it’s a very powerful website platform that’s rich with features, it may seem overwhelming to understand. But just like any tool that you have to use for your small business, taking the time out to understand it will do wonders for what you can handle on WordPress. Since there is a lot to learn, I give my clients a tutorial after launching their WordPress based website. Providing on-going support also empowers them to keep on top of their websites… which keeps it updated and relevant. After you build posts, products, and update information on your website a few times, using WordPress becomes an easy day.

Blogging with WordPress is THE WAY to blog

As I’m typing up this post, I feel so much satisfaction with creating this post. The WordPress post editor is what makes this platform desirable to most bloggers because it’s very easy to jump into creating content in it. It also comes with a lot of features that allow your posts to shine. From building custom post layouts with the Block Editor to organizing your content effectively with categories and tags, to even scheduling your posts out when you’re batch creating, WordPress makes it easy to blog like a pro after you get used to creating just a few posts.

Scaling your website up with plugins 1-ups your website’s performance

As a business owner, you invest in tools to perform for your business. WordPress can handle many added functions that do major work for your business. Through the smart use of plugins, you can add features to your website. From building an online store for your physical and/or digital products, adding your Instagram feed to the bottom of your website’s pages, plugins are endless. In fact, there are over 57,000 plugins created by awesome developers in the WordPress Plugin library.

WordPress handles media files like a boss

WordPress gives you some serious control over what media types you can upload to your website and what you can do with them after adding them to your site’s media library. From filtering through your media files and adjusting the way you view your media library for easy browsing, to editing your files within the WordPress, you can handle tasks right from within your website with ease.

You have FULL control over your website

This is my favorite reason of all! WordPress gives you full control over your website. When it comes to the following website options, you pretty much call the shots with using self-hosted WordPress:

  • Hosting options and domain name control
  • Branding freedom
  • Website monetization options
  • SEO capabilities
  • Tracking website analytics
  • Added features through plugins
  • Highly customizable design
  • and more, more, MORE…

When it comes to how your website should run for your small business, picking the most scalable option will be the ultimate game changer in what it can accomplish for you… in the background. I think picking an efficient and powerful option early on will set you up for success, and WordPress wins big time when it comes to this.

If you have any questions about these tips or any WordPress website stuff, don’t hesitate to follow and DM me on Instagram. If you’re ready to get your own website launched this year, book your complimentary design consult today!

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