Which website type is perfect for your brand’s launch or refresh?

Websites aren’t a one size fits all thing. They should be built with your business’s needs in mind.

And when you can understand that your site can be built in a number of ways will allow you to plan out both the content and budget for it!

There are a ton of ways to build a website but I broke it all down into three different options. These are the websites that I and most designers build for clients each week. If you get to know these early on, you’ll quickly hone in on your new website’s must-haves.

The One-Pager

Your brand is new which may mean that you don’t have a lot of content banked up for a medium to large website. Or you may be looking for a budget-friendly option that will set you up for success online. Going with a one-page scrolling website may be all that you need!

Starting your website owner journey with the one-pager is a simple and succinct way of getting your business’s point across. You’ll be able to display enough of what your visitors need to know to engage with your brand. If built right, you’ll also be able to level up your site with new pages and features as your business grows.

A one-page website works like this: instead of your top navigation links routing users to separate pages on your site, all of the action is on one homepage. When clicked, the top navigation links will instead scroll down to a section on this main page. The great thing about this option is you don’t have to have a ton of content to get it up and running. If built right, you can always add separate pages to your site as your brand’s content grows.

One-Page Scrolling Website For DLAJ Consulting

The Multi-Pager

Your brand is growing like wildfire and you need a more robust website set-up.

It seems like your content creation has no limits and you’re wondering where to put it all in a more manageable way.
Well, look no further than the go-to website type; The Multi-pager.

You need a website with dedicated pages to house your content and business information. Even more, you need a better system that allows you to manage your long-form content pieces so that all of your outside media features and articles lead back to your online home: your website.

Multipage websites are normally built with a Homepage, Services and/or Shop, About, Contact, a Blog, and legal pages (privacy policy, cookie policy, and terms and conditions).

Creating content for all of these pages may feel overwhelming, so check out this post for tips on how to create solid content for your new website or redesign project.

Multi-page Website for Nxt Lvl Development

The Platform

If you’re in the market to launch a website where multiple users will log into your site daily, then launching a Platform website is what you’re looking for. Whether you sell courses, run a group coaching program, or are an online membership-based brand, a custom-built platform website is made to automatically handle tasks through the following systems:

⚡️Learning Management System (LMS) – Ready to launch that course on your very own website? Since this package is made for you, the course creator, you get all of the tools you need to launch and manage your online course with ease. Securely onboard your courses’ students via your custom-designed sales funnel, deliver your course content, monitor student participation, and manage course payments/payment plans.

⚡️Membership Management System – This piece of software will integrate into your website to allow you to automate adding new members into your online community database, updating their information, processing payments, giving access based on membership level, and communicating with your members through emails and newsletters. This system acts as a gated platform for members-only content and resources.

⚡️Membership application form and automatic onboarding – This form will be built to make it easy for new members to join. It will allow them to select their preferred membership tier, fill in their information, and enter the online community right away.

⚡️Online payment processing system – The easiest way for new and recurring members to pay their membership dues is through an online payment processing system. This setup will make automated payment management efficient and secure via the Stripe payment gateway API.

⚡️Members-only Area – Users will get access to a dashboard that’s home to member resources, courses, webinars, important updates, and access to other benefits/content. This members-only area is also where members can communicate through an online forum and maintain their member profile.

This website type may still have the pages that come with a multi-page website but its main purpose is the custom platform setup since it’s automated to handle several online tasks and directly generates revenue for a business.

Membership Platform Website for HeyNewFriends

In conclusion, when you know that your website can be built in many ways, you’ll be able to better plan out your upcoming new or refreshed site launch. Can we say “Yay!” for a smooth website building project?

If you have any questions about these tips or any WordPress website stuff, don’t hesitate to follow and DM me on Instagram. If you’re ready to get your own website launched this year, book your complimentary design consult today!

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