3 FREE WordPress Themes that are a New Blogger’s Dream

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Ok, I know. There’s a CRAP TON of WordPress list theme blogs out on the web.

When I started getting into creating a website for my first WP-based blog, I would scour the net in search of the perfect theme, framework or drag and drop builder… especially for FREE. Since I was only blogging about the randoms of my day-to-day, I didn’t see the need in purchasing a premium theme.

Now, if you’re currently a serious blogger, I would invest in a solid premium theme or even getting someone to design something unique for you. For folks who are just starting out blogging with WordPress, this mini-theme guide should help you out; hopefully without being too overwhelming. This list will only feature 3 free theme choices of what I think are solid options for new bloggers!

*Sidenote: I’m not affiliated with any of the three theme devs/studios. I just REALLY like these options, lol.

The themes that I’ve picked are great for blogs of any style. And with the built-in Customizer that WordPress provides, you can add a little more flare to your website’s look and feel.

Let’s get to the guide shall we!

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Writee Theme Screenshot

The Writee theme is CLEAN and full of options in the free version:

  • Features a good set of customization tweaks such as the option to change your background image/color, multiple sidebar set-ups, 600+ Google Fonts and a social media navigation menu.
  • Includes built-in social media sharing icons. Such a bonus!!!
  • Easily set-up a related posts feature to your blogs.
  • This is a great option for most blog types.

Check it out here!


Karen Theme Screenshot

Karen features a cool as heck look that focuses on mobile-first design. There’s a nice customization set including custom background, colors, menu and header. This is great for the blogger who wants a touch of style while keeping things minimalistic. Personal, fashion and lifestyle bloggers would have fun with this one.

Download here!


Make Theme Screenshot

I love any WordPress theme that helps you get right to business with a polished professional look. When I first set-up this website, my theme of choice was Make. You can take this option far without any coding knowledge. Just be your creative self and get your website to SHINE with this tool.

BTW, Make is developer friendly which is great for designers to create even sexier websites.


  • An extensive layout engine
  • 100+ Customizer options including Google Fonts, custom background images for your various sections and more
  • Some great eCommerce options with easy WooCommerce integration
  • Super responsive making your website look bossy on mobile devices, laptops and desktops

Give Make a whirl here!


GeneratePress Screenshot

This bad boy of a theme currently has my heart. I definitely saved the best for last because it features SO MANY options right out of the gate. It’s extremely user and developer friendly with robust documentation to boot. The support that comes with GeneratePress is amazing as well. I currently use this for my own website and client projects.


  • Extensive colors and typography options
  • Crazy amazing layout control
  • Friendly with page-builders such as Elementor (my fav) and Beaver Builder.
  • Theme options already created for you that you can easily customize to your liking
  • Very plugin compatible

Take your website to another level with GeneratePress here!

Hopefully, this article has helped you with choosing an theme for your new WordPress blog or at least getting a better idea of the things that you’re looking for in your website. If you liked this article then YAY! Drop me a line at info@britahknees.com if there’s anything else you’d like for me to write about!

Happy blogging!

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